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We create not just escape rooms -  we create LEGENDS!


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We are looking for partners for our online product Project Avatar.Project Avatar is a unique online game show. It is a fusion of escape room, video game and a live performance where players help the hero of the game in real life and in realtime.Players control the actions of the actor (Avatar) using voice commands.
Disconted Rooms on a Turnkey basis&nbsp;
Disconted Rooms on a Turnkey basis 
We offer a few rooms with a significant discount! These rooms have been used, but have now been restored to an almost new condition. You won’t find quality such low prices anywhere else.
You can choose any of our ready-made scenarios that have thrilled thousands of customers across the world. If you do not find what you are looking for, our team of experienced writers, will gladly create a scenario for you on any theme, complexity and group size.
We provide a variety of services for escape room businesses, from consultation all the way to a complete project ready for construction. Using our quality design and technical specifications will make building your escape room a quicker and more straightforward experience
Ready-made riddles 
We produce a wide range of puzzles and props which can be provided to you as ‘ready to go‘ modules or as a ’barebones’ package of electronic components. 
Turnkey escape room 
One of the simplest options when creating an escape room - is to entrust all the work to professionals. We produce everything that is necessary for the working escape room. You will only have to install the modules at your location.

Room escape games is a ready turnkey business!

Today, many people who have investments and want to increase it, are looking for a ready turnkey business. One of the few areas of this kind is the opening of a room escape games. With a relatively small investment quest business generates good stable income. Three escape rooms will be repaid within 3 months, dependent on your location. What is a room escape games? Real-life room escape is usually a room or a premise ( escape room ) – in which a team of several people has time close to an hour to solve a chain of puzzles and intellectual challenges, with the aim to get out. The theme of the escape rooms is completely different, from prison to the spaceship. escape rooms immerse you in a completely different reality. For an hour you forget about everything, the game absorbs you completely and for a long time you'll remember it and you will relive the emotions again and again. And we know how to create this environment of immersion and we do it very efficiently. Our company has worked in this area since 2014 and we not only know how to open a escape room, but we help others to begin to receive a stable profit in this field. During our work we have already started our eight rooms with completely different themes and technological content of the escape games. At the same time, we constantly supervised projects around the world, we are always ready to help and to go to the audit of the quests throughout Europe. Our service is not just a franchise for a escape room, a scenarious for escape game or a business plan. Our company creates turnkey escape rooms completely ready to work. You will get from us not just captions on the quest, but a full project made in ArchiCAD. Through the joint efforts, our quests help players to immerse themselves into the atmosphere of the room. In addition, You can order separately the scenarious for a quest or items, equipment and electronics for the escape rooms required for their effectiveness and entourage. During the work we have assembled a group of professionals, writers, technicians, programmers, artists-mockups and designers. We make our games as realistic as possible, while working writers maximally delve into the subject of the quests, and designers help to create the illusion of reality, adding to all a bit of wow effects, and technical elements. We create an excellent quest from which our (and soon yours) customers will be delight!"