Make life easier!

So you have decided to open an escape room but not sure where to start. Maybe you have an idea but don’t really know how to move it on?

Then you’ve come to the right place! With our help and our experience, you can create a legendary escape room without having to worry whether you’ve forgotten something important.

Package "Technical part of escape room"

We provide a full technical description of the escape room taking into account potential issues with mechanical and electronic elements. Rather than trying to work out how to make a puzzle work, rely on our experience to create an easy to use technical plan that where all technical aspects work in harmony.

Terms of Reference - A textual description of the implementation of each puzzle with simple electronics.
List of materials for the implementation of puzzles on simple electronics.
Terms of Reference for programming controllers such as Arduino, Raspberry pi and other cards according to the scenario.
List of materials for the implementation of puzzles on the boards.
Simple schematic of the electronics
Schematic for soldering of the programmed boards
Schematic of contact between riddles
Schematic of the sound server
Terms of reference for props
List of recommended materials for props
The principle of implementing the admin panel
Develop an admin panel for your quest
The principle of realization of the technical box
Develop a technical box for your
* Marked required functions when ordering TP package.

Package "Escape room Project"

Our Project Service makes building an escape room so much easier. Professionally produced drawings with customized dimensions for your room including all wiring, furniture and puzzles. You can decide the exact composition of the project yourself, selecting the items that you need from the following:

  • Dimensional plan – actual view of premises
  • Work plan – layout of new walls, partitions, view of premises after their creation
  • Electrical plan – placement of all puzzles describing the interaction and the type of voltage and wiring required
  • Electric grid layout – table representation of the connection between all modules and riddles
  • Ceiling plan – work plan on the ceiling of the room
  • Floor plan – plan for changing floors and decorative works
  • Mounting plans – creation of non-standard elements, cabinets, niches and others
  • Plan of Furniture and props – plan of placement of all items and items of the quest
  • Audio / video plan – speakers and surveillance cameras layout
  • Description of the style of the interior, decor and color scheme
  • Design plan –description of techniques for creating the interiors. A list of recommended materials for interior design.
  • Support during the month gives you the opportunity to show the project to everyone who will work with it (technicians, programmers, masters, etc. and to figure out for yourself), and also to ask all questions that may arise.

Additional services: 

To make life even easier we can provide additional services such as audio, video and graphic materials which can be used in house to improve customer experience or externally to enhance your marketing channels:

Graphics for escape room – graphic tips, graphics for programs, etc. 

Audio for escape room – background music, sound effects, etc. 

Creating a promo clip – the video can also be used to tell the introductory story 

Selection and creation of videos for gameplay – video which are necessary for the game process

Texts for voice acting – game content 

Text for the automated prompt system

Help in the selection of the premises 

Help with selection of the theme that will be relevant to your market 

Website development 

Packaging your brand for a franchise 

Escape rooms restyling 

The introduction of the automatic prompts in your escape game

 Search of the items for the quest and materials for electronics in your area

Technical support during construction – our specialists will advise you in the process of creating the quest, this option is available when ordering the package "Technical part of the quest" or "Escape room Project"

And the most important!

For your convenience, we can manufacture any riddle or a elements of props according to your instructions. You can set a task according to your specification or choose from our extensive catalogue of props and puzzles. They can be produced as ready-made modules elements, or as an "electronic skeleton" of the puzzle, which you put in the desired object or module. We also write software for escape rooms and build ‘ready to go’ escape rooms on turnkey basis!