<p>Get rid of the beast <br></p>

Get rid of the beast

Players notice a hole in the wall or floor. From the hole players hear the roar and the fuss of the beast, as well as the sound of dripping water, but it is not legible. In order to drive away the beast players need to shine in the hole and scare the beast. When the players do this, they hear the steps of the escaping animal and then the clear sound of the dripping water. Sounds of drops - this is the code that you might need for another puzzle in the escape room.

Additional options available
- * Change of design.
- * When triggered, another action may occur.
- * Change the configuration of the puzzle according to your desire.
- Possibility of remote control of the puzzle by the operator (button on the wire, radio control panel, via Wi-Fi using your computer or phone).
*The cost depends on the task

Shipping price

We send via courier service EMS (door-door), all packages are trackable. 
- up to 5kg: 110 USD
- 5-10kg: 170 USD
- 10-20kg: 280 USD
- 20-30kg: 380 USD
Warranty conditions
Our company guarantees that you, as our client, will receive all the elements of your order of the highest required quality and in full set. In case of any problems with the goods received, with our help you can diagnose the problem. Photos and video - will help us in this. If the problem is caused by a problem with the internal part, we will send you some spare parts for replacement. In this case, spare parts and their delivery are our expenses. If you can not solve the problem yourself, send the goods to us (shipping cost on your side) we will receive, fix everything and send it back (sending back will be on our side).