Legendary Quests & Project Avatar – Looking for partners!

Exclusive offer – One partner per country !

We are looking for partners for our online product Project Avatar.
Project Avatar is a unique online game show. It is a fusion of escape room, video game and a live performance where players help the hero of the game in real life and in realtime.
Players control the actions of the actor (Avatar) using voice commands.
🧩Suitable for:
  • Small groups - up to 4 people
  • Medium groups - up to 15 people
  • For large groups, teambuilding, events - 30 people at same time.

🧩Game features:
  • Play area - 600m2
  • The number of concurrent users - up to 30 people
  • Control - Voice control via Zoom service
  • Interface - HUD
  • Arthouse fan videos - about 25 video inserts (video cuts)
  • Battle Mode - Competition between teams with scoring (two 2 avatars at the same time)

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