turnkey escape room Insomnia

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Humanity suffers from the plague of the 21st century - insomnia. Most people on the planet lost the opportunity to sleep, nobody knows why this happened, nobody knows how to stop this epidemic. People are suffering and they are loosing their minds, the hospitals are full, and panic does not decrease, people are scared and worried. Recently, scientists have been able to create a cure that can help to eliminate this problem. The cure is in the experimental phase and now all of the following effects are not studied and not predicted. A team of volunteers is ready to try the cure to get rid of insomnia and to contribute to the development of the medicines.

Number of puzzles – 15 
Including electronic – 12 
Horror effects – 14 
Number of rooms – 6 
min. Area – 50-80 m2 
Players – 2-8
<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Package "Scenario"</span>&nbsp;Insomnia</p>

Package "Scenario" Insomnia

The "Scenario" package includes: 

•Introductory story of the room - A brief story for immersing players in the room atmosphere, telling: who are they? What should they do? and why? Helps players to fully immerse themselves in game and motivate them. 

•Synopsis - Brief description of sory. Can be used as an advertising text. 

•Scenario - The full chain of puzzles 

•Visual chain - A look at escape room from the player's side, a schematic display of escape room 

<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Package "Project"&nbsp;Insomnia</span></p>

Package "Project" Insomnia

The "Project" package includes: 

•The "Scenario" package 

•All the necessary drawings for the independent construction of the room (Plans for the reconstruction of premises, electrical wiring, design, drawings of non-standard devices and much more) 

• Support during the month, gives you the opportunity to show the project to everyone who will work with it (technicians, programmers, masters, etc. and to figure out for yourself), and also to ask all questions that may arise. 

<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Plug and Play Escape Room -</span>&nbsp;<span style="font-weight: bold;">Insomnia</span></p>

Plug and Play Escape Room - Insomnia


•The "Scenario" package 

 •The "Project" package (Drawings necessary for preparation of premises) 

•All the necessary game modules (puzzles), decorations and items 

•Sounds and background music 

•Technical niche 

• A program for room managing on a computer phone or tablet 

•Warranty for 6 months 

•Unique rights to your city in the area of 1000 km